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Our two-way remote support uses technology for real-time communication with offsite caregivers.

Remote Support is a combination of technology and direct-care services.

Remote Support is a two-way assistance system that uses real-time communication—such as sensors, cameras, and other technology—to connect with an offsite caregiver. The service is valuable when hands-on caregiving is not required, including cooking safety, overnight support, medication adherence, fall detection, visitor monitoring, and more. Whenever a need arises, the remote caregiver responds.

Why choose Anne Grady Services as your Remote Support provider? First, we are the largest provider of Remote Support in Northwest Ohio. And second, we offer direct-care staff trained to respond to Remote Support caregiving needs.

Establishing Remote Support service is easy:

  • Identify whether you or someone in your care experience health and safety needs that are addressable remotely
  • Contact your Individual Service Plan team to discuss which needs you could meet remotely
  • Choose Anne Grady Services as your Remote Support provider
  • Anne Grady Services will amend the Individual Service Plan to include a detailed protocol for Remote Support
  • Your service team will determine an appropriate start date

Questions about Remote Support Services?

Or call Lindsay Horne at 419-380-8985 x407