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From our beginning, we have worked to adapt to the changing needs of everyone we serve.

We provide dignity, respect, and quality services to individuals with intellectual disabilities.

Anne Grady Services is a private, not-for-profit charitable organization that opened in March 1982. Our mission has always been to enable individuals to experience dignity and respect by offering the highest quality care possible to individuals with intellectual disabilities.

Accordingly, Anne Grady Services always strives to provide services in the most appropriate, least-restrictive settings possible, consistent with the personal development needs of everyone we serve.

We dedicate ourselves to fostering the self-worth and achievements of individuals, enhancing their freedom, treasuring their God-given dignity, promoting their active participation in the community, and helping them build meaningful lives by searching out and obtaining their optimal personal outcomes.

Anne Grady Services… committed to fostering individuals’ self-worth and achievement and active participation in the community.

...provides and promotes an environment that is free from abuse and neglect.

...will work with regulatory agencies in developing comprehensive plans for services to the individuals served.

...will endeavor to provide services in the most appropriate, least restrictive setting and which shall be consistent with individual development needs. committed to developing public awareness in conjunction with other community service providers and providing education on issues relating to intellectual disabilities. committed to and promotes normalization principles, which involve assisting individuals in obtaining meaningful and valued outcomes in their lifetimes.

...will constantly evaluate the quality of services provided through internal and external measures and assess future needs and trends to deliver innovative services.

...will assist individuals in obtaining the specific amount of support needed, all of which will empower them to achieve their desired outcomes.

Team Leadership

Board of Directors

Steven J. King, CPA
Executive Director
Shyam Suchak, PHR
Chief Organizational Development Officer
Jackie Ellis, M.Ed.
Chief Community Services Officer
Becky Ziviski, CPA, LNHA
Finance Director
Danielle Stewart
ICF Director
Brittany Rysz, RN, BSN, MBA
Health Services Director
Lindsay Horne
Supported Living Director
George Affum, MBA
Day Program Director
Julia Hage, MPH
Director of Mission Advancement
Stacy Smith
Emmett Beavers
Vice President
David Sobczak
James Platek
Thomas J. Gibney
Past President
Eric Appiah
Board Member
Candace Bishop
Board Member
Donald Flenner, Jr.
Board Member
Charles Hatch
Board Member
Byrne Stapleton
Board Member
Rebecca Taylor
Board Member
Openings available on first, second, and third shifts.


Direct Support Professional

Provide services to children and adults with intellectual disabilities by assisting with daily living skills at our base facility in Holland, Ohio.