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Since 1982, we’ve helped adults and children with intellectual disabilities reach their highest potential.

Our mission has always been to enable individuals to experience lives of dignity and respect.

In the 1970s, a group of area parents and guardians desperately sought residential options for their adult children with intellectual disabilities. Among those families were Anne and Walter Grady, whose son Tom had IDD. The Gradys desired a safe and welcoming place for Tom to live, especially when the inevitable day came when they could no longer care for him.

For her part, Anne was fiercely determined to protect her son from the notoriously deplorable conditions inside state institutions. Her passion was infectious and became a driving force behind the group’s efforts.

Unable to find the caring residence they envisioned, the parents decided to establish one. They began planning a home for 96 individuals and intended to serve those exclusively from local families. However, Ohio legislators made financial support contingent on accepting individuals from statewide development centers. Ultimately, the parties reached a compromise with half the beds reserved for area individuals. And in 1982, the residence opened its doors.

Anne passed away in 1988, but her legacy lives on through the organization that bears her name. Today, Anne Grady Services provides a vast array of assistance for adults and children with intellectual disabilities, including intermediate care facilities, day programming, supported living, transportation, and outpatient therapy.

After Anne’s passing, Walter Grady became a fatherly figure at Anne Grady Services. Walter, a gentle, funny, and cheerful man, often visited his son at the Center. He served as the Anne Grady Services Foundation Board President for many years.

Walter passed away in 2010, and Tom died in 2013.

Thanks to Anne and Walter Grady’s vision and determination, we’re here to help adults and children with intellectual disabilities reach their highest potential. The Gradys will always remain in our memories.

Did you know?

Anne Grady Services was initially named the Decem Center. Decem (pronounced DAY-shem) is the Latin word for ten. Founders chose the name because their original plans called for serving individuals from ten area counties. In 1988, two weeks before Anne Grady passed away, the Center’s board of directors voted to rename the organization in her honor.

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