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Our program-an overview:

Anne Grady Respite Services provides respite care to children and adults with special needs, either planned or in response to an emergency. Overnight care can be provided to up to 8 children in Noah’s House and 13 adults in the adult respite area. The staff provide the individuals with age and developmentally appropriate activities. Also, available to individuals staying in respite is the natatorium, aviary, and playground. Transportation to and from school/work is provided. Respite provides the individuals with three meals and snacks per day. All meals are approved by a registered dietician. Substitute meals are available if an individual does not like the meal provided. We are licensed by the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities and certified by the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services.

Our staff:

Anne Grady Respite Services has licensed nursing personnel on site 24 hours a day 7 days a week. If a child or adult is medically fragile, a licensed nursing staff will be assigned to work with that child during their stay. Our nurses have gone through specialized training regarding working with clients with special needs and children who are medically fragile. Respite direct care is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The staff members are also trained in specialized areas such as behavioral intervention and working with individuals diagnosed with autism, along with several other special needs areas.


Why we need respite care:

Respite is one of the services most often requested by family caregivers. Yet it remains in critically short supply.

● By some estimates, a third of all adults in this country are caregivers for a family member.
● Over 6 million children have disabilities, or chronic illness, with special needs that increase family stress.
● Children with disabilities face a higher risk of abuse and neglect, and their families face a higher divorce rate.
● Almost 4 million children are being reared by their grandparents, who are 60% more likely to live in poverty than others their age.
● Respite programs turn away almost 3,500 children weekly because of lack of resources.
● Among caregivers of individuals with disabilities, mortality rates are almost 63% higher for those experiencing strain.

Why it works:

For one example, the parents of a 7 1/2 year-old girl with autism were at their breaking point before respite services helped them regain their peace of mind. Better still, seeing someone else enjoy their child helped them enjoy her even more!

Parents often tell respite caregivers:”You don’t know what your two hours have done for me!”

Respite helps preserve families. It reduces stress, supports stability, prevents situations that can lead to abuse and neglect, and reduces the incidence of divorce and out-of-home placement. With respite care, families function better and say they are more satisfied with life. Respite care is a simple, cost-effective solution for situations that can otherwise devastate families.

For families of children with disabilities, studies show that:

Without respite, one-third of the families would have considered out-of-home placement for their child;
● When respite is used, there is a significant decrease in foster care placement.
● With respite, families’ attitude towards their children improve and they are better able to cope with stress.

We accept the following types of funding: Home Health Care WaiversLevel 1 waiverI/O waiverFamily Resource moniesOther county moniesPrivate Pay


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