Anne Grady

Intermediate Care Facilities


Anne Grady has four intermediate care facilities (ICF).  The main facility, Anne Grady Center, is an 67 bed ICF located on Eber Road in Holland, Ohio.  We serve individuals who are medically involved and tend to need a higher level of care.  Our facility boasts a therapy pool, an activities center, a sensory room, 6 homes and qualified staff in a peaceful wooded setting.

The remaining three ICF homes are located on Eber Road in Holland, Ohio, Everwood Road in Toledo, Ohio and on Eileen Road in Toledo, Ohio.   These three group homes combined serve 20 adults and provide a home atmosphere with access to the community.  The staff in these homes are dedicated to providing the best care possible.

September 2014 Anne Grady Services broke ground on the construction of a brand new 8 bed ICF on Hill Avenue in Toledo, Ohio.  This new facility is expected to be complete in early 2015 and will provide another beautiful setting for our residents.  Please check back often for pictures as the home takes shape.

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