Anne Grady

Adult Day Center

Anne Grady Services, Day Program continues to offer great services; now through an Additional Extension; named Anne Grady, Adult Day Center!

Anne Grady Adult Day Center is located at 2149 S. Byrne Rd. Toledo, Ohio 43614. At the Adult Day Center, there will be a variety of different venues to choose from; health, exercise, and musical therapy just to name a few. Also, there will be In-House, and Community Integration based activities for those seniors who prefer additional options.

Our continued goal and mission is to extend our current service and opportunities offered at the 1645 Trade Rd. location to the mature consumers in the Greater Toledo and Surrounding Areas.

For more information on either one of Anne Grady Day Programs, please see contact information listed below.

Jackie Ellis at 419-867-7501 ext. 3007                   

George Affum at 419-867-7501 ext. 3025              

Judy Strong at 419-214-0815                                 

Deb Anderson at 419-867-7501 ext. 3014              


The mission of Anne Grady Services is to provide dignity, respect, and quality service to people with developmental disabilities and their families, always offering opportunities to reach their highest potential.

To contact someone about more information please click this link to go to our contact page for more information.

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