Anne Grady

Giggles from Glanzman!

By: Judith Strong

It’s been an exciting time as we expand Adult Day Services to the Glanzman Plaza! The official date of Grand Opening for services was June 1, 2016! Since then, we are in the full swing and bloom of things! The transition began mid May: as we started with Trades staff touring the new facility along with individuals and consumers alike who would be moving over the new location. All were really excited to come over and participate in activities, play games, enjoy the theatre, eat lunch, as well as socialize with their peers. We have an awesome cleanup crew already established that comes twice a week that works extremely hard to help keep the building nice and clean.

On May 27, 2016 we hosted an Open House for the New Adult Center and invited all parents, Guardians, SASS, Caregivers, and all of Anne Grady Foundation and Employees to come and take a tour of the building and check out what services, community activities, and in house activities we will be offering here.

Come over and visit us; plant a seed, and watch YOUR flower grow! This is part of the journey of our growth! Anne Grady Adult Day Center welcomes you; come over, and watch us grow!

We would like to also take some time out to welcome and thank the staff here at Glanzman: Jackie Ellis, George Affum, Judith Strong, NaKisha Bell ,Kim Nedd, Medina Moses, Jennifer Simon, and Willia Woods, and everyone else who helped with the process of this wonderful journey. Thank you for your loyal services, dedication means so much!

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